Helga Cup 2019

Helga  - round 2

The „Helga Cup“ 2018 on the Alster Lake in Hamburg has been a sailing event for „every woman“ addressing sailing women from all over Europe regardless of their sailing background and category.  In 2019 the Helga Cup will be much bigger. As Top Ten Event and "Hamburg active City" associate, we have the City of Hamburg itself on board as a partner. In 2019 we want to show Hamburg and the world how active sailing can be in the middle of the city...
Helga Cup 2019 - short facts -
  • Date: june 13th to 16th 2019 - TOP 10 Event of the City of Hamburg
  • Venue: Lake Alster in Hamburg
  • Hosting Club: NRV – with organizer Sven Jürgensen
  • Particpants: Helga Cup 2019 – max. 96 Crews with approx. 420 female sailors
  • Entree: For international Crews there are wildcards - please contact Sven Jürgensen via Email: helgacup@nrv.de

Preliminary schedule

  • Thursday, june 13th: Check in and in the evening " Workshop sailing instruction" at HSC with HSC Women's Team
  • Friday morning check in - from 12/12.30: helmswoman meeting - first race from 1.30/2 pm
  • Official opening approx. 8:00 pm in the NRV
  • Saturday - sailing from 9 am and dinner in the evening at NRV
  • Sunday from 9:00 am sailing; award ceremony approx. 3:30 pm

The spot

Sailing will take place on the Alster like in 2018. The city as a stadium and the Alster as a playing field proved their worth at the "Helga Cup 2018".
The Alster is located in the centre of Hamburg and attracts a large audience. Hardly any other place offers such a superficial opportunity to present sailing in the middle of the city.  In the background at least Elbphilharmonie and Michl greet each other, Alster steamers pass by and convey to every Hamburg tourist, no matter how far away, "here is something going on, here is sailing, in the middle of the city.

NRV - the sailing club

The Helga Cup is at home in the North German Regatta Club, whose district is the Alster in the middle of the million metropolis Hamburg. The NRV is one of the oldest and most successful sailing clubs in Germany.

The boats

The crews do not have to arrive with their own boats, but sail on provided boats. In 2018 we sailed with two different fleets. Thanks to the commitment of Mittelmann's Werft, the exclusive sales partner for Germany and Denmark for J-boats, we will now be able to sail the Helga Cup 2019 on three fleets of the same type and are now planning with a total of 90 crews. The enormous demand for starting places for 2019 is already overwhelming. The crews are all sailing on the state-of-the-art J/70 boats provided by the German Sailing League.

The way of racing

At the Helga Cup short races between 10 and 12 minutes are sailed. This is a very easy to follow and understand format, also for non-sailors.

For each placement there are points, the better the placement, the more points you get. At the end the crews with the most points will sail out the victory in a final race.

To compensate for any inequalities in the boats, the crews are exchanged every two to three races. In the race-free times the crews are on land, can relax and participate in the landing events.

Crews - beginners as well as pros

The interest to get a starting place for 2019 is incredibly big. We currently have about 30 applications from all over the world. Teams from the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Sweden have already confirmed their participation or will do so when the registration routine opens. Also in 2019 beginners, cruising sailors, sailors from the national team, pupils and senior citizens will take part in the "Helga Cup".

We gave the 62 crews from 2018 a preferential entry until June 25th, 57 teams accepted this option and already registered for the "Helga Cup" 2019. In 2019 we will bring a Hamburg student crew from a cooperation of the NRV with a school to the start and prepare accordingly before with trainings for the Cup.

"Sporting Hamburg" and the magazine "Yacht" have launched a reader campaign. Both magazines will send crews into the race for the "Helga Cup".  

In total 96 crews will be able to participate, then the NRV and the Alster will be really full: "completely sold out!" - so to speak.

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