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Special times, special circumstances: 

Pressinfo – April, 9th 2020

Helga Cup is postponed until autumn

Hamburg. NRV/ Helga Cup. Even though a lot of things can or above all cannot happen until June the Helga Cup is by far too big and too international to leave the world’s largest regatta for women to uncertainty. After consultation with officials of the City of Hamburg as the Active City-Partner, the NRV – Norddeutscher Regatta Verein has decided to postpone the Helga Cup and Helga Cup.Inclusion from June to October 2020: Instead of June 11th to 14th we will now sail from October 1st to 4th and hopefully will also be able to celebrate and rejoice as well. 

While the Corona Virus holds the world at bay and one event after the other is cancelled, the Helga Cup team needs to consider how to go ahead:  „We clearly have a responsibility for the sailors, the helper staff and the organizing team“ explains Sven Jürgensen. „The teams come from all over the world, the Cup lives by the vibrant interconnection and interchangeability – all this is impossible in times of Corona virus infections let alone that the freedom of travel is still uncertain and a kind of ability to plan ahead is indispensable” 

The Corona pandemic is hitting the Cup even twice in respect of the topic „inclusion“ – disabled people are a particular risk group of their own and therefore require particular and special consideration by the event organizer. The Helga Cup.Inclusion stands for a value system that is currently underlined by the Corona situation: solidarity, responsibility and the willingness to stand back for others. Values for which track cycling Olympic Champion Kristina Vogel, the Helga Cup‘s patron, is campaigning ever since having become paraplegic:   »I stand for a world «  – says Kristina Vogel –  »in which everybody is not only thinking of him or herself but also is prepared  to look sideways and to pay attention to other people.« 

In times of this lockdown with cancellations and postponements hitting the time tables from all sides it is very important to develop perspectives – and one of these perspectives is the Helga Cup and the Helga Cup.Inclusion in October 2020.»The Helga Cup is a colourful, active and extremely positive sailing event for every woman with lots of good mood and congenial groove. It is exactly this type of events we need to look ahead in these times of crisis and to have a goal to look forward to«, says Tobias König, Commodore of Norddeutschen Regatta Vereins.  

By and large the Cup will take place as originally planned, namely as a big inclusive and interdisciplinary women’s sports event, as a qualifier for the Women’s SAILING Champions League and even more so as a stimulus event – not only for the inclusive sailing scene. 

Ole von Studnitz, President of Deutsche Segel-Liga e.V for example emphasizes: »The Helga Cup is the ideal German qualifying regatta for the Women’s SAILING Champions League. It is here where the county’s best women’s teams are sailing – quite obviously the ticket to represent Germany will be awarded on this occasion. We will maintain this modus also in case of a time shift of the Helga Cup.«

The Hamburg City Government as well is pleased to see a new date for the Helga Cup. Christoph Holstein, privy council for sports, remarks: »the Helga Cup is one of our Hamburg Top Ten events. We are happy to note that the NRV has found an alternative date to secure this great and by now also inclusive event for the year2020. In difficult times like these it is important that we all cooperate and mutually support each other. Hamburg’s sport scene is an outstanding example in this connection.

Until it is time again and women can return to the water the NRV is offering perfect online training instructions in the NRV sports studio. Mondays to Fridays at 10:00 a.m. and 04:00 p,m. NRV coaches Philipp Honnef und Toni Schmatz are offering live practice lessons under the slogan ‚fit@home‘  – from kardiostress to coordinative classes everything is available – and above all: these lessons are not only for female and male sailors.  Anybody, who besides physical fitness also wants to work on mental alertness as well, can obtain interesting professional know-how by watching the new live-online lecture series called “Meeting Point NRV”. Amongst others top sailors like Philipp Buhl and Markus Koy will talk about topics like the Laser World Championship and Dragon trim.

„Of course, we have to master this situation – whether we do this wailingly or standing upright is up to us.“ The Helga Cup at the NRV is going to do its part to ensure that all of us will succeed as best we can and the postponement of the event is part of the scheme. 

About Helga Cup:
The Helga Cup is the largest sailing regatta for women worldwide. Since its first implementation in 2018 it has not only brought fresh impetus to the female sailing scene but by way of its wide ranging orientation it has also sparked a new awareness for female sailing in Germany. In the first year 260 female sailors of different ages and boat classes with varying sailing experience participated. In the following year almost 400 women from 13 countries and from all sailing sectors showed up. As of April 2020 more than 80 teams have registered.   The Helga Cup moreover is more than „just another” regatta. With nationwide practicing and regatta workshops the Helga Cup is an initiative, accompanying women year round culminating in a sailing festival with lots of good mood and a special groove.  Through the slogan #thinkHelga the Cup intends to inspire women to sail, to encourage crew members to participate and to thrill female non-sailors. In 2020 the Helga Cup.Inclusion was added, which as a sister to the Helga Cup is going to bring additional fresh wind to the inclusive sailing scene.  

The Helga Cup 2020 NEW will now take place from
October 1st. to 4th, 2020.  

Sport has the power to change the world…. Sport can spell hope where despair prevailed previously.  

(Nelson Mandela)

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