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Pressrelease – October 5 , 2021


Empowering moments paired with exhilarating sailing and a thrilling finale – that was the Helga Cup 2021. 

Hamburg. NRV. Helga Cup. 3. Oktober 2021. Helga Cup. October 5, 2021. A roaring finale for the Helga Cup 2021: In a good wind and with a good speed, the defending champions from 2020 around helmswoman Silke Basedow win the Helga Cup 2021 ahead of the team from the HNV Academy and the Berlin Goldelsen. As in the past year, the finals were again very close, especially in the beginning, and it was only on the last two legs to the finish that Silke Basedow with her crew Maren Halbrock, Juliane Zepp and Marion Rommel could secure their victory under high speed. Directly behind them in the finish were the third placed Berlin Goldelsen (5th in the preliminary race) in front of the final second placed sailors from the Heinz Nixdorf Academy (3rd in the preliminary race)

With a speed of more than 11 knots the finalists raced over the course under genaker – not only for the spectators unique pictures of the Alster. And at the finish: a Cup initiator Sven Jürgensen swimming through the Alster despite autumnal temperatures, who congratulated the HSC women on their double as first.

In 45 races plus the final race, more than 230 women from 9 nations competed for the Helga Cup 2021 at the fourth edition of the largest women’s regatta worldwide. The sailors came from the USA, Canada, Monaco, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany and celebrated pure women’s sailing at the Alster in the North German Regatta Association.
Once again, the Helga Cup was much more than a regatta. With the idea of being an event for everywoman, the Helga Cup 4.0 again empowered many new teams to get actively involved in sailing. ‚We will be back‘ ‚The best event we have ever experienced‘, ‚Thank you, thank you, thank you‘ was heard not only once.

Hamburg’s State Councillor Christoph Holstein also paid tribute to precisely this fascinating mixture at the award ceremony: ‚As I walked across the jetty, I heard a crew say: ‚I don’t care where I ended up, the main thing is that we have fun.‘ And it’s that mix of sport, competition, training, collaboration, empowering, inclusion, and that garnished with the fun factor that makes this event so incredibly valuable.“

In the SV 14, the winner was Team LilleHei with Heike Gecken and Lillemor Köper, who just two weeks ago won World Championship gold in the paracanoe. Second went to Fock’n Roll with Susanne Krause and Katharina Menge ahead of Dutch Ladies Alice van der Ham and Elles van der Meer-Oudejans.

And also the Commodore prize for the best foreign team, went to a team from the SV 14 class: as third placed were the Dutch ladies Alice van der Ham and Elles van der Meer-Oudejans well ahead of the 16th placed J70 team ‚Royal Van Racing #1‘ from the Canadian Royal Yacht Club Vancouver.

In 2022, the Helga Cup will celebrate its 5th anniversary. Then – so the organizers hope – perhaps finally without Corona restrictions again, which took away some of the event’s bandwidth. Especially the networking, the workshops, the trainings and the side events, like the Helga Opti Cup and the Helga Rowing Cup are directly part of the idea #thinkhelga.

New game, new luck. Next year: June 9-12, 2022.

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